The ICAR experiences

With ICAR, you can enjoy high intensity experiences in a safe environment. Take control of a supercar, learn to steer like the pros, drift in the snow, fly in a helicopter or free fall in the Aerodium. The choice is yours!

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Your gift, their choice! Let your loved one choose their favourite from our selection of 6 high adrenaline experiences. Whatever they choose, ICAR is sure to get their blood pumping.

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Icar supercars



This experience begins with a technical course that will teach you the fundamentals of driving ultra high performance vehicles. Next, you will join one of our drivers and complete two laps as a passenger before taking the wheel and experiencing the immense power of a supercar yourself. Pure adrenaline, guaranteed.

2 Laps

4 Laps
Nissan GT-R 199$159$ 299$239$
Lamborghini LP560 199$159$ 299$239$
Ferrari F430 199$159$ 299$239$
Ferrari 458 Italia 299$239$ 449$359$
Platinum Package Drive 2 laps in each of 4 different Supercars 799$639$

  Summer season: May 1 to october 31
Booking starts March 15

Icar rallye



Climb into our Subaru WRX STI and feel the rush of driving a true Rally Car. The seasoned engineers at Lachute Performance have fine tuned this beast and fitted it with their own AK-Series engine.

Hot Laps  (2) 99$79$
2 Laps Package 199$159$
4 Laps Package 299$239$
6 Laps Package 399$319$
12 Laps Package 479$

  Winter season: january 10 to march 12  
Bookings opened

Icar racing booking



With our Racing packages, you can experience the basics of the race track inside a Mustang GT. Ride along with one of our instructors or take the wheel yourself!

10 minutes Initiation 199$159$
20 minutes Initiation 299$239$
Half-Day Experience 449$359$
Full-Day Experience 949$759$

  Summer season: May 1 to october 31
Booking starts March 15

Icar Karting booking



Improve your track time with a theoretical course given by one of our qualified instructors and then make your friends eat your dust in a championship race!

1 Session (10 min) 25$
2 Sessions (2×10 mins) 45$
3 Sessions (3×10 mins) 60$
Stage 1 package 149$

  Summer season: May 1 to october 31
Booking starts March 15

Icar helico booking



Join one of our highly trained pilots in the cockpit of a Robinson R44 Raven as you take in the incredible view. Observe the basics of helicopter piloting from the passenger seat or take the controls yourself and embark on a variety of breathtaking journeys through the sky.

First flight 99$79$
15 minutes Package 199$159$
30 minutes Package 299$239$

  Summer season: May 1 to october 31
Booking starts March 15

Icar aerodium booking



The Aerodium is a free fall simulator powered by a 200km/h upward wind. Step into the Aerodium and get ready to soar up to 18 meters in the air! This is a family friendly activity that you can enjoy with kids as young as 4 years old. Learning to fly has never been so easy and fun!

Junior 1 minute (4-12 years old) 29$23$
2 minute Initiation 59$47$
4 minute Discovery 99$79$

  Summer season: May 1 to october 31
Booking starts March 15

Icar D-box booking



With our new D-BOX simulators, you will enjoy a mind-blowing VR racing experience! Practice your driving skills in our simulators before taking the wheel on our track. As Canada’s largest professional automotive simulation center with 10 state-of-the-art simulators, ICAR is the country’s #1 destination for automotive VR.

15 minutes
(1 session)

30 minutes
(2 sessions)

60 minutes
(4 sessions)

120 minutes
(8 sessions)

Icar card booking

Gift cards


Whether it’s for a karting race, high speed laps in a supercar, or any other unforgettable ICAR experience, ICAR gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion.

$50 gift card 50$