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supercars Ferrari


The participant can choose to drive the Ferrari F430, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 or the Acura NSX.

This experience includes :

∙ A theoretical course
∙ 2 introductory laps as a passenger in an ICAR safety car
∙ 2 or 4 laps laps behind the wheel on the 2km track, accompanied by an instructor
∙ Additional laps, photo and video souvenirs can be purchased as an option

2 laps 4 laps
Ferrari F430 / Lamborghini Gallardo / Acura NSX – weekdays 199$99$ 299$149$

Promotion applicable on individual packages only.

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Mustang gt Racing


Extend your knowledge with our Full Day Experience. Take advantage of a theoretical course and more time on the track to practice the techniques learned. You will have the opportunity to do heel and toe exercises and practice on the skidpad. (Insurance not included)

This experience includes:

∙ A theoretical course
∙ Heel and toe exercices
∙ 4 x 20 mins driving a Mustang GT
∙ Optional photo

Full day experience 949$474$

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drift icar3


Take a seat behind the wheel of a drift car accompanied by one of our instructors to discover the techniques of drift on a closed circuit. (Insurance not included)

This experience includes :

∙ 30 mins theoretical course
∙ A discovery lap as a passanger to analyze the techniques
∙ 10 mins at the wheel of the Nissan 350z on the skid pad
∙ 4 laps in the gymkhana drift course
∙ ICAR diploma

Extreme package 359$269$

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Attention thrillseekers, this is for you! Perfect your free fall technique with the package that fits you: 2, 4 or 8 flights! Each flight lasts 1 minute. This package cannot be shared.

2 flights

4 flights

8 flights

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hélicoptère vol Robinson R44 Raven


For an extended stay in the skies. Join one of our highly trained pilots for a 15 minute flight as a passenger and then take command of the helicopter for an additional 15 minutes as the pilot.

This experience includes :

∙ 15 minute flight time as a passenger
∙ 15 minute flight time as the pilot
∙ Optional photo

30 min package 299$239$

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