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Climb into our Subaru WRX STI and feel the rush of driving a true Rally Car. The seasoned engineers at Lachute Performance have fine tuned this beast and fitted it with their own AK-Series engine.

Forfait 6 Tours 459$229.50$

  Winter season:January 13th to February 24th  
  Bookings start December 15th for 2020 season

winter driving

Preventive driving


Prepare for winter driving and emergency situations that you may encounter on the icy roads of Quebec. This training course will teach you to avoid collisions by regaining control of your vehicle in slippery conditions. 30 mins theoritical class and 60 mins of practice in one of our cars.

Preventive Driving Course 299$149$

  Winter season: January 26th to February 17th
Bookings start December 15th for 2020 season