Lapping Night
Every Wednesday from 5pm to 10pm

2017 Lapping season is OVER. We thank everyone for the great summer and we look forward to seing you next summer, enjoy the winter! ALWAYS CONFIRM TRACK CONDITIONS BEFORE ARRIVING


In order to participate, every driver must have an ICAR Lapping membership card and pass an evaluation by one of our instructors. For beginners, we offer an introductory lapping course to ensure safety on the track.

Drivers must also have a valid driver’s license, appropriate clothing, and a SNELL helmet (2005 or later). Helmets are available for rent. Before entering the track, vehicles will undergo a quick safety inspection by instructors. The headlights and turn signals must be functional and no loose items can be in the vehicle. Convertibles must be equipped with a roll bar attached to the frame.

For racing vehicles, the driver must be wearing a full Nomex suit and regulation gloves. In addition, the vehicle must be fitted with a 5 point harness and a fire extinguisher.

Lapping Day

Lapping days

Whether you are novice or experienced, discovering or coming back at ICAR, the lapping days are for all lappers thirsty for advices. These lapping days will be held on the long track (3.4km) Come with your family or your friends to discover our track as well as our bistro and the terrace which offer a stunning view on the track to watch the sessions of lapping from the front lodges.

Beginners can attend the lapping introductory course and purchase their membership the day of the event for 60$. (Buy on site the day of the event)

Buy your ticket and then choose which day you want to be there!
Lapping Day //20 may 2017
Lapping Day //9 juily 2017
Lapping Day //13 august 2017
Lapping Day //8 october 2017// OktoberFest

– Red: beginner (1 overtaking zone, accompanied by an instructor)
– Yellow: intermediate (4 passing zones)
– Green: advanced (unlimited passing)

Mandatory Drivers meeting at 8:30am
Beginning of the first session at 9:00am


  Mid april to the end of october.

ICAR Lapping Membership

Each new member must demonstrate the ability to drive safely on the track. Regardless of their level of experience on other tracks, all new members must be evaluated on their first visit. This assessment will determine whether the driver will be allowed to drive alone or if they require refresher training first.

  Available April 15th to October 31st.

Introductory lapping course

This course includes:

∙ 30 minute training course
∙ One-year membership to the ICAR Club ($60 value)
∙ 3x 20 minute lapping sessions ($90 value)


  Available April 15th to October 31st.

Lapping sessions

We’ve got over 3km of track designed by professional racing drivers. With speeds of up to 225 km/h, this is a surefire way to get your heart racing.

Additional 20 minute sessions can also be purchased on-site for $30.
***2017 special: 4 sessions for just $100.***

  Available April 15th to October 31st.