Lapping Night
Every Wednesday from 5pm to 10pm


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To participate in the activity, all drivers must obtain an ICAR LAPPING Membership Card and be evaluated by one of our instructors. An introductory lapping course is offered in order to participate in the activity safely. Each conductor must also have a valid driver’s licence and must wear a SNELL 2005 or later helmet and wear appropriate clothing. Helmets are available for rent on the premises. Prior to entering the circuit, the vehicles must quickly be inspected by the instructors in order to insure driver safety. Headlights and blinkers must be functional and no item must be loose in the vehicle. Convertible vehicles must have a security hoop fixed to the frame. For all racing vehicles, pilots must wear complete Nomex suits and regulatory gloves. In addition, the vehicle must have a 5-point harness and a fire extinguisher.

Lapping Day

June 24th 2016

Unlimited lapping all day in 20 minute sessions per level. You must have your membership card to participate in this activity.