Cutting edge training facility

Our new classrooms are ultra-modern and feature the best multimedia equipment for the training components of our ICAR Experiences. Our classrooms are also available for corporate presentations and conferences.


Panoramic bistro

Join us in the Panoramic Bistro to enjoy stunning views and even better food. What better way to finish off an ICAR Experience?


Luxury bar

Our luxury bar is the perfect place to recap an incredible day on the track. Choose from our extensive drink menu and enjoy our widescreen televisions, premium sound system, covered patio, and more!

catering service

Catering service

Your wish is our command. Our catering service can prepare the perfect accompaniment to your ICAR Experience, whether it’s a simple BBQ or a sophisticated 5 course meal with a superb wine list.

Map of installations

With ICAR, you can enjoy high intensity experiences in a safe environment. Take control of a supercar, learn to steer like the pros, drift in the snow, fly in a helicopter or free fall in the Aerodium. The choice is yours!


Main complex

Our newly renovated main complex features the most modern technology and design. Between our training facilities, conference room, bar, bistro, covered patio, and racing simulators, we have everything you need to host the perfect event!


Tracks available

¼ mile strip

A ¼ mile track with modern timekeeping technology, a huge deceleration area, and a safe and comfortable area for spectators.


This track is specially designed for drifting activities and features a “Point A to Point B” route.

Offroad area

300,000 square feet of steep slopes, uneven ground, water, and mud.

Testing area

A 280,000 square foot area featuring high pressure water jets. Personalized obstacle courses available on demand.

Garage and Workshop


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