1. How can I buy a package?
You have three options to buy our packages.
1. On our webiste at www.icarexperience.com
2. Over the phone by calling us at 514-955-4227.
3. By coming directly to our offices at 12800 Henri-Fabre in Mirabel, from Tuesday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Please call us beforehand to make sure that our offices are open.

2. Is it possible to buy now and reserve later?
Yes, it is possible to buy a package as a gift without having to choose a date right away. When the person receives the gift they can decide which date they would like to come.

3. Are ICAR experiences refundable?
The packages are refundable up until 48 hours after the purchase. After 48 hours, the packages are no longer refundable, but you can transfer them to another person, or for any of the other experiences.

4. Are there any additional fees on site?
There are only additional fees on site if you would like to add extra laps or the photo or video souvenirs. If you bought the package on another site and the taxes have not yet been paid, you will need to pay them when you reserve. If the chosen experience requires insurance (Mustang GT) and you haven’t already purchased it online, those fees will be charged upon your registration. A security deposit may also apply.

5. How long will it take to recieve the gift box?
The gift box is sent by regular post, it can therefore take between 7 and 10 business days.

6. What are the regulations to participate in an ICAR experience?
For the driving experiences, the person must have a drivers licence. We also accept temporary and probationary licences. For the passenger laps, the person must be of 12 years and older. For the helicopter pilot experience, the person must be of 16 years and older. For the helicopter passengers, the person must be of 8 years and older. For the aérodium, the person must be of 4 years and older. If the person is a minor, they must be accompanied by an adult or have a signed authorisation.

7. Is it possible to change packages?
If you bought the package directly for ICAR, the card has an exhangeable monetary value, meaning you can exchange it with any of our other packages. If the wanted package is more expensive, you will simply need to pay the difference.

8. Is the insurance included?
For the majority of our packages the insurance is included in the price. The packages that do not inlude insurance are the Half-day Mustang experience, the Full day Mustang experience, the Racing Licence, and the drifing experiences with TLO Drift School.
Mustang 1/2 day: 75 $ + tax
Mustang 1 day: 150 $ + tax
2 day competition licence: 350$ + tax
This insurance offers a 2000$ deductible in case of damage or accident.
If no insurance is purchased, a deposit of 5000$ will be required (instead of a 2000$ deposit).

9. How long is a lap?
We cannot confirm the actual amount of time that one lap takes seeing as it really depends on the person driving. Our main track is about 2.2 kilometers long.

10. Do the cars have a manual transmission?
Our Supercars are all automatic. Our Mustangs and Subarus are manual. And the cars that we use for the Preventive Driving Courses are automatic.

11. What is the maximum speed?
Some drivers have reached up to 200 km/h. The speed really depends on the person driving, their capabilities, their driving experience, and their confidence behind the wheel of a vehicule of this type.

Frequently Asked Questions – Participants

Are there specific dates available or can I come whenever I want?
We have availabilities for all of our experiences. Once you have bought or received the package, you can call us or go directly on our website for all of the available dates. We have availabilities during the week and the weekend.

12. How much time in advance should I reserve?
It is preferable to reserve the earliest possible. It may also depend on the time in the season, you should reserve at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

13. How do I reserve?
To reserve, you may go on our website at https://reservation.icarexperience.ca/Experience/Reservation and enter your reservation code. You will then have access to the complete calendar with the available dates for your experience. For the Winter experiences, the reservations start in December. For the Summer experiences, the reservations start in March.

14. Can I change the date of my reservation?
You can change your reservation date without additional fees up until 7 days before the date reserved. Less than 7 days before, a $50.00 penalty fee will be charged. Less than 48 hours before, the totality of the package will be charged.

15. What happens if it rains?
ICAR has the right to change the date or to continue on with the experience. If we decide to cancel, we will call you the day before the experience or early the morning of to postpone the date of your experience. If your package has an expiration date and is on the verge of expiring, we will extend it.

16. What should I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothing with running shoes/comfortable shoes. Sandals and high heels are not prohibited.

17. Can friends and family come with me?
Yes, your friends and family are very welcome. They can even take photos and videos from the secured area for spectators, there is no extra cost. Children are also welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

18. Can one of my friends or family come with me on the track?
For security and insurance reasons, only the instructor is allowed in the vehicule with the participant.

19. Is there food and beverages on site?
We have a restaurant where you can buy snacks, hot or cold meals, and refreshments.

20. Can I share my package with someone else?
No, the packages are for one person only. You cannot divide them between multiple people.



Privacy Policy


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