Outdoor Freefall Experience

The Aerodium is a free fall simulator powered by a 200km/h upward wind. Step into the Aerodium and get ready to soar up to 18 meters in the air! This is a family friendly activity that you can enjoy with kids as young as 4 years old. Learning to fly has never been so easy and fun! Scroll down to view all of the available packages!

Kids 4 to 12 – 1 flight

For children aged 4 to 12 years old. Test your skills, flap your wings, and defy gravity in our free fall simulator. (1 minute flight)

  2019 season is over: Booking start May 1st for 2020 season
Booking closed

Flight packages

Attention thrillseekers, this is for you! Perfect your free fall technique with the package that fits you: 2, 4, 8 or 16 flights! Each flight lasts 1 minute. This package cannot be shared.

2 flights

4 flights

8 flights


  2019 season is over: Booking start May 1st for 2020 season
Booking closed

Children’s birthday party

Plan an unforgettable birthday party for up to 8 children. Each child gets 2 flights of 1 minute each, lunch is included!

Additional children are welcome for just $60 each.

Groups & Bachelor party

Bring your friends or colleagues together for the experience of a lifetime! Each participant will receive 2 flights of 1 minute each as well as a complimentary drink at our bar (house wine, local beer or soft drink).

  2019 season is over: Booking start May 1st for 2020 season
Booking closed

Group flight packages

16 flights package

16 one-minute flights to be divided by 2 participants in 1 visit.

24 flights package

For groups of 4-12 participants. 24 one-minute flights to be divided among the group.

48 flights package

For groups of 4-12 participants. 48 one-minute flights to be divided among the group.

  2019 season is over: Booking start May 1st for 2020 season
Booking closed

Gift Card


Whether it’s for a karting race, high speed laps in a supercar, or any other unforgettable ICAR experience, ICAR gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion.

$50 Gift Card 50$

Your experience

The Aerodium experience will last about an hour. Throughout the activity, you will be accompanied by a dynamic and enthusiastic team who will ensure your enjoyment, comfort, and safety. The Aerodium is a safe and accessible activity for everyone. It’s ideal for friends, families, and groups of all ages in search of a thrill and a challenge. The Aerodium is also an excellent team building exercise!

Terms and Conditions

Flight packages are for one person only and cannot be divided. To share flights between multiple people, please purchase a group flight package. Please review the admission requirements and Terms and Conditions before making a purchase. Gift certificates are non-refundable.

Admission requirements

The maximum weight is 90kg (200 pounds). From 180 pounds the height of the flight is not guaranteed, your general physical condition will impact the height of the flight. All participants are weighed upon arrival. All participants must be in good health. If you have a known disease or have had previous injuries, or if you have any doubts about your health or physical condition, please obtain written permission from your doctor before using the Aerodium. Pregnant women and people who have suffered shoulder dislocations are not allowed in the Aerodium. Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. For minors four years and older, a parent or guardian must be present during the activity. Prior to the start of the activity, our instructors must ensure that the child understands the instructions and the parent or guardian must sign a Civil Liability Waiver.

What to wear

It is very important to wear comfortable clothes. T-shirt, pants or sports shorts, a pair of socks and sneakers with laces (mandatory). In cold weather, opt for several sweaters rather than one thick sweater. We will provide you with a flight suit that will fit over your clothes. Additionally, we recommend that anyone with long hair ties his or her hair with an elastic. If you wear glasses, do not worry, we have suitable flight goggles for you.


Upon arrival, please proceed to the front desk, where our customer service representatives will assist you with flight planning and payment. If you wish to use a gift certificate, please have the original in hand. Make sure you have photo ID, which will be left with the front desk manager for the duration of the activity. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign the Civil Liability Release form.


Upon registration, the instructor will ask you to complete a waiver. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have read the admission requirements. Please disclose any injuries or other health conditions that were not mentioned in the reservation.
Download the waiver


The training period lasts about 30 minutes. Your instructor will show you an instructional video as a training tool, as well as demonstrate and explain proper positioning and safety. We also offer advanced training for experienced participants who would like to improve their skills.

Suiting up

Your instructor will give you all the necessary equipment for the activity. You will be given a flight suit, a helmet, safety glasses, and protective earplugs. Once you have the suit on, the instructor will make all necessary adjustments to make it comfortable and safe.

In the wind tunnel

At this point, your instructor will walk you to the wind tunnel. You will then sit around the landing mat. When it’s your time to fly, one of our instructors will ask you to approach and take position. The instructors will assist you in reaching a stable and safe flight position. Don’t forget to smile for the camera! For safe and comfortable landings, the Aerodium is surrounded by the same landing mats as the ones used by professional stuntmen who perform falls during film shoots. Note: a one-minute flight in winds exceeding 200 km/h is very physically demanding. Four minutes in the Aerodium is equal to five parachute jumps from a height of 13,500 feet!

Visitors and spectators

During the activity, your friends and family are welcome to watch from the walkway. They will be provided hearing protection.


For safety reasons, we do not tolerate any cameras or mobile phones in or around the wind tunnel.

End of activity

Following your flight, please proceed to the front desk, where you will pick up your photo ID. You can also buy professional photos of your experience, which will be displayed on a screen.

Bad weather

ICAR reserves the right to postpone flights in the event of unsuitable weather conditions. Whenever possible, changes will be made the day before or on the morning of the activity. We do not give refunds for postponements made for safety reasons, even if several postponements are required.

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